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For whom we love, what can we hand down?
For children we love,
what can adults do?

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We are applying the following standards in order to select safe, effective, and tasteful food products.

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2024.2.14 [Renewal] Itchnon tablets and oil are renewed
2023.12.7 [New Item] SHINSHUYAKI Ceramics tableware
2020.5.15 [New Item] L-Theanine Sleeping support 90capsules
2019.6.13 [New Item] Organic Japanese Green Juice powder
2018.6.19 [New Item] Bio-normalizer tablet
2018.4.13 [New Item] Genki☆Zen-dama Lactic Acid Bacterium producing supplement
2018.2.2 [New Item] Food supplements>Bio-Normalizer Tablet
2017.6.27 [New Item] Natural & Organic Foods>[Vege Meat] Soy Meat (chips) 90g
2017.6.5 [New Item] Natural & Organic Foods>Unbleached Strip Agar
2017.5.11 [New Item] Natural & Organic Foods>Unconditioned Natural Adzuki Beans
2017.4.11 [New Item] Natural & Organic Foods>Shinshu Miso
2017.3.30 [New Item] Household Goods / Haramaki Belly Band Warmer
2016.11.15 [New Item] Japanese Superfoods / Organic Green Tea (Matcha) Powder
2016.04.09 [New Item] Drink supplements / Anti Aging with Manju No Shizuku
2016.04.08 [New Item] Drink supplements / EM-X GOLD
2016.01.31 [New Item] Sweet rice(brown rice)
2015.12.28 [New Item] Organic Mulberry Leaf Powder powder / Japanese Superfoods
2015.11.10 [New Item] Natural Dashi powder
2015.11.04 [New Item] Prema Shanti Japanese Pickles
2015.10.30 [New Item] Crispy Carob Non-wheat Cookies
2015.10.20 [Campaign] Free shipping! - Adio If / Natural Healing Pendants
2015.08.12 [Campaign] Free shipping! - Eyepathy / Natural Healing Pendants
2015.08.12 [Campaign] Free shipping! - Result / Natural Healing Pendants
2015.08.07 [Campaign] Free shipping! - Cauliflower Mushrooms tablets / Food supplements
2015.07.06 [Campaign] Free shipping! - Bio-Normalizer / Food supplements
2015.07.02 [New Article]Lifestyle habit "Diet" for losing weight in healthy way without rebound
2015.06.17 [New Item] Bulk Buy!-Household Antibacterial Wash "Surfcera" 100g x 3bags (with 150g of bottle & 1g measuring spoons)
2015.05.28 [Campaign] Free shipping! - LIMA NATURAL Skin Care / Cosmetics
2015.04.28 [New Item] Aroma guard mist of Astro Boy
2015.04.27 [New Item] Konbu-cha with kelp roots, Umekonbu-cha
2015.01.30 [New Item] Up to 25%OFF! Dry Shirataki 10bags, 50bags, 150bags
2015.01.05 [Campaign] Free shipping Campaign! - Itchnon -110 tablets
2014.12.16 [New Item] Kaeru Series Horse Oil with Tea tree oil 30ml
2014.12.12 [Campaign] Free shipping Campaign! - Kaeru Series Horse Oil
2014.11.27 [New item] Sarari Surari tea with Chotto Mate!, Natural Silk Belly-warmer Tie ~Eggshell White~ [Ohisama no Nukumori]
2014.11.26 [New item] LIMA NATURAL Dental White 60g
2014.11.19 [New item] Ginger Powder for Drink or Cooking "Ultra Kintoki Ginger"
2014.11.10 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Dry Shirataki
2014.10.24 [New Article]Exercise guide "Diet" for losing weight in healthy way without rebound
2014.10.15 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Sushi Seasoning, Arrowroot Noodle,etc.
2014.10.14 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Veggie Ramen, Freeze-dried Miso Soup
2014.09.25 [New Article]"Diet" for losing weight in healthy way without rebound
2014.09.11 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Organic Cereal Mix, Organic Black Rice, etc.
2014.07.22 [New item] [Itchnon-gamma linolenic acid] Itchnon BCO (skin oil for body), Itchnon AD cream 50g
2014.06.07 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Popular Japanese Rice crackers "Kakinotane"
2014.06.07 [New item] [MUSO Halal] Muslim friendly "Halal food"
2014.05.30 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Brown Rice Cafe, Dark roast Brown Rice Tea
2014.05.21 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Burdock Roots Tea, Dark roast Brown Rice Tea
2014.04.10 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Malt Nougat 4 flavors
2014.03.17 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Kinako,Shiratamako, etc.
2014.02.25 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Inca Inchi Oil
2014.02.25 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Dried Koya Tofu ~Freeze-dried~
2014.02.22 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Unconditioned Natural Navy Beans ~Otebou~
2014.02.22 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Unconditioned Natural Adzuki Beans
2014.02.22 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Unconditioned Natural Black Soy Beans
2014.02.21 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Unconditioned Natural Soy Beans
2014.02.21 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Natural and nutritious black bean glace
2014.01.18 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Millet, Mochi, Udon noodle, etc.
2013.12.19 [New item] Natural Skincare Series - Hirara™
2013.12.10 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Artisan Rice syrup, Throat Smoother
2013.11.22 [New item] [Prema Shanti] UMAMI Broth, Canola Oil
2013.11.11 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Brown Rice, Black Vinegar, etc.
2013.10.09 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Chia Seeds, Organic Pickled Plums, etc.
2013.09.06 [New item] Premium Henna, Amateru-kimi herbal care
2013.09.06 [New item] Carika Celapi Ps501- Papaya Fermented Food
2013.09.05 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Vegetable dressing, Soy sauce, etc.
2013.08.09 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Dried Radish, Somen Noodles, etc.
2013.07.10 [New item] [Prema Shanti] Kudzu Powder, Organic Tea, etc.

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SHINSHUYAKI Ceramics Multi spoon

1,019 YEN

Ceramic Chinaspoon large size Good for noodles...

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Premium Henna Indigo 80g Amateru-kimi herbal care

1,980 YEN

Pure 100% premium indigo, for those people who ...

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Premium Henna Light Brown 80g Amateru-kimi herbal care

1,880 YEN

This product uses premium-quality henna leaves ...

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Japanese Kudzu Powder 200g

1,675 YEN

With 450 years of tradition, Kudzu powder is ...

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Itchnon AD cream 50g

4,180 YEN

“Enough moisture, but it feels dry” Supporting ...

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Organic Mulberry Leaf Powder (100g)

1,980 YEN

Mulberry leaf is getting attention as food ingr...

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OrBS Yumemihada Skin Base Water 200ml

3,361 YEN

Makeup powered by purely natural ingredients T...

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Sarari Surari tea with Chotto Mate!

2,800 YEN

For you who are meat eater, restaurant goer, an...

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LIMA NATURAL Dental White 60g

2,970 YEN

Whitening, Fresh Breath, Good Oral Hygienewith ...

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Plum Essence Tablet 450g

9,000 YEN

Enables all family members to benefit from the ...

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Sesame Seed Oil, KIYORA (Taihaku)

975 YEN

Pressed after being roasted ultra-light, it has...

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Macrobiotics One week trial meal kit

16,740 YEN

Based on the quality standard of Macrobiotics, ...

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Macrobiotic.. This is a regimen that incorporates such concepts as Zen, Feng-Shui, Yin Yang and Tao. These concepts unify the essence of Japan's spirituality and outlook on the Universe..  The purpose of the Macrobiotic Asia website is to bring together products from Natures bounty as well as processed products and deliver them to the world in the Japanese spirit of harmony.
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