Kaeru Series Horse Oil with Tea tree oil 30ml

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  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Ingredients: Horse oil (99.9%), Tea Tree Oil
  • Volume: 30 ml

>> Kaeru Series Horse Oil with Tea tree oil 30ml (3 bottle set)
>> Kaeru Series Horse Oil 30ml
>> Kaeru Series Horse Oil 30ml (3 bottle set)

Voices from users

Here we introduce you a part of voices from our customers who have bought "Kaeru series horse oil" at our Japanese shopping site “binchoutan com” and “Kyoto Uzumasa Shizen-mura

  • I ordered "Kaeru series horse oil". This was my first time that I bought horse oil, but already it has been playing active role in various cases as if it is like a first aid kit in my house. Our dear dog is old, so his nose and paw pads are dry. When I look up on the internet and I get to know horse oil is good for the dry, so I am also using it for our dog. (Female/40’s/Fukuoka,Japan)

  • I am using "Kaeru series horse oil" every day. It does not get greasy and fits comfortably in my hands. I gave this to my friend who has a baby. The best point of this product is that we can use it the most reassurance! When I wake up in the morning, I put it on my face before washing face. In this way, my skin gets moisture. I often blow my nose as I have allergy to pollens, but thanks to this oil, the surrounding of my nose is immune to get rough and dry. I appreciate it so much. (Female/40’s/Kanagawa, Japan)

  • I have used horse oil for the first time. The goodness of skin penetration is more than carry oil. I cannot think about the other hand care cream than this during winter time. My skin is good condition when I apply it on my face, but I feel uncomfortable with its smelling like bluefish. In the dead of winter, I felt that it is hard to take the oil out from the bin as it had been solidifying even at a room temperature, but it melted quickly on the palm. Recently it is getting warm, so it is convenient to use with oily condition. It is good for dry skin in early spring time. (Female/40’s/from abroad)

  • I have ordered "Kaeru series horse oil" for the first time the other day. I have started using it soon it had delivered. I have been a horse oil lover for about five years, but I was using another firm’s solid horse oil. There is not so different in any horse oil…all are the same… I have been thinking like that so I haven’t changed the oil. When I ordered some other products at Prema, I found a brochure about "Kaeru series horse oil" and I knew that it is extracted at a low temperature and safe without any additives. I got a feeling that “it is totally different from the other firms’ oil…!?” So I made an order immediately. It was half liquid horse oil in a bin with a dropper as now is the coldest season in a year and the bathroom is not so warm place. The colour is beautiful unclouded lemon colour! When I apply it on the hands, it is creamy to melt down on the palm while it becomes liquid. That fits on hands well. I don’t especially feel the specific smelling which I felt the other horse oil. My skin tends to get dry as my ages, so I am applying any kinds of oil slightly more than it needs. Therefore, I can realize that this horse oil has really good absorption to the skin. When I mix the other oil which doesn’t have so good absorption with this horse oil and apply them together, there disappears greasiness in a few minutes and it becomes dry and comfortable. Let me tell another point of my favor. It is a clean green bin with a dropper! Any of horse oil has not so good design on the bin, so I don’t think that it is cute when I put it in front of the mirror. But this bin is nice! Also I can peel off the label easily and it looks expensive beauty essence. (I think that it is important point for cosmetic item that expensive looking or cuteness. I have a lot of reusing cute antique cosmetic bins to be sterilized and to refill the other cosmetic.) I think that this horse oil is relatively high price, but this quality is good compared with the other basic cosmetics. This is absolutely recommended item if he or she is not a person who cannot accept horse oil inherently. (Female/40’s/Miyagi, Japan)

  • I have been curious to use horse oil and I want to contribute even a little for removal of unexploded bombs in Laos, so I am purchasing it every time. Especially, I am fond of applying to my hair. I am applying it to head skin and tip of hair before taking a bath, and then taking a half body bathing for 20 minutes, and washing away with shampoo. When I apply the oil with a focus on tip of hair before using dryer, I can get deep graze. I have a little bit seborrheic atopy and my skin get itchy when I apply the oil to the body as it speeds up a metabolism. So I am using it under the knee and face (only the part of dry skin) where I don’t get itchiness. I don’t use cleansing agent so I wash away my eye makeup after I apply the oil into makeup well. I feel good with it. There are many people suffering from poverty and second damages after the war in Laos or the other countries. When like this product increases more, I think that it can be of a little help to such people while we do shopping. (Female/20’s/Japan)

  • I am greatly pleased with this item. It gives us moisture so much. Last time, I bought for my husband who has sensitive skin. My husband is also satisfied with this so much as it gives us enough moisture. My hands were so rough by wet work, but they were recovered for 3 days! The good point is that it can be used before wet work. I have reordered three bottles soon later I have tried it. One for using at home, second is for using at office, and last one is for giving to my mother-in-law. It is my recommendation. (N/A)

  • I have been using olive oil until now. It smells horse oil for sure, but the smell is pretty less. It really penetrates to the skin, and does not get greasy. I recommended it to my husband who has white skin, to use for sunburn skin after the sports festival. The next morning, he gave a comment that it is really good without getting dry skin and hurt. The dropper is also easy to use. We all our family are using it. It was good shopping. (N/A)

  • At last I could find good one! I would love to recommend this to everyone! I bought for my husband who has sensitive skin of heavy atopy. He has been tried many moisturizers, but he always said “not so good…”. However, he is satisfied with this horse oil and said to me,“this moisturizes my skin! I want one more as I would like to keep it at the office.” So, I made an additional purchase of three bottles soon. I also tried it and realized the moisture. Now I don’t care anything after wet work. I am also using to my 7 months daughter when I give her massage. This is a great product. (Female/40’s/Kanagawa, Japan)

  • The bin has a pretty design. This is different atmosphere from what we have the image of horse oil ever, but this horse oil is very useful smooth oil. I do not care the smell. I can use any parts in the body as it is not so greasy even if I apply it at hot season. I think this can be recommended product to who has sensitive skin. (Female/40’s)

About horse oil

Horse oil is one kind of oil and fat content extracted from horse mane, the base of tail and subcutaneous fat layer. The main component is triglyceride and it has been used as folk remedy such as burn wound, skin roughness, chopped skin, a cut, hemorrhoids and so on since ancient times. It is often used as cosmetics such as emulsion, cream and oil because it has close nature to human sebum, is easy to penetrate into skin and also excel in softening and moisturizing effect.

The characteristics of horse oil

The characteristics of horse oil are that it is natural oil and fat being the closest element to sebum (which is intercellular fat of cornified layer and the best skin care component for human beings. The main component of skin intercellular fat is ceramide and this organizes the skin texture, keeps its moisture, and plays important role in protecting inner tissues of the skin from any kinds of external stimulation. Horse oil goes well together with skin very much. Horse ceramide penetrates into horny layer of skin and keeps the skin healthy by compensating for the lack of fat.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is toxic when taken by mouth, but is widely used in low concentrations in cosmetics and skin washes. Tea tree oil has been claimed to be useful for treating a wide variety of medical conditions. It shows some promise as an antimicrobial. Tea tree oil may be effective in a variety of dermatologic conditions including dandruff, acne, lice, herpes, and other skin infections.

(by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_tree_oil)

Our horse oil is different from the other companies’ oils at the point of;

  • The most unique and special point is our horse oil is extracted slowly at a low temperature below body heat. In this way, great components contained in the horse oil, which is omega-3 fatty acid “α-linolenic acid” or “linoleic acid”, are not destroyed. Furthermore, it is succeeded to make it penetrate easily into skin.

  • General horse oil is extracted at a high temperature and the colour is white with the solid condition, but our original horse oil is smooth liquid condition at a room temperature. Therefore it can penetrate quickly into skin. Besides, it has beautiful shiny yellow colour derived from α-linolenic acid.

  • No flavour, preservatives (paraben, edetate) added. Totally unbleached.

  • As ability to penetrate into skin is high, you can apply comfortably without oil coming up even though you use before wet work or taking a bath.

How is α-linolenic acid?is good for skin?

α-linolenic acid has superior barrier reaction to keep healthy skin and to prevent skin by having oil firm on the surface of the skin at the same time. By using this "Kaeru series horse oil", α-linolenic acid and it enables to keep our skin healthy and beautiful. Moreover, it is recognized the following effects.

α-linolenic acid is known to be good for;

  • skin diseases

  • keeping down inflammation

  • healing wounds faster

  • stiff shoulders

  • muscle pains

  • burns

  • giving you beautiful skin

You can use it in following cases;

Before using water or taking a bath

Rub horse oil into the skin before wet work or taking a bath for preventing skin or hands roughness. Horse oil plays role of barrier and that guards your skin so that not to lose necessary oil for the skin in the water.

When you change a diaper

Clean baby’s bottom and apply it gently.

For preventing skin problems

For preventing skin trouble, apply it gently to the part you care or whole body. It is recommended to apply to lip for preventing roughness.

For skin care

After taking your makeup or stains off so as to get your face clean, apply horse oil thinly and wash your face after 20 minutes. It is more effective to apply horse oil and massage after taking a bath or before going to bed. Besides, in the morning, leave about 15 minutes after applying horse oil on face and wash your face. The makeup stays on your skin better.

For your heel, knee, elbows care

Rub it thoroughly into also the other part of dry skin and massage carefully. Especially, it is effective just after taking a bath.

For your hair care

To keep your hair healthy, rub this horse oil thoroughly into the head skin 20 minutes before washing hair. Wash your hair after massaging carefully. You can keep your hair and head skin healthy when you steam your head with steamed towel after massaging.

Instructions for use

  1. Due to changes in temperatures inside and outside the bottle, the rubber dropper may sink slightly in. There is however no need for concern. If you open the cap it will return to its original form.

  2. Kaeru Horse Oil will retain its original quality if stored at low temperatures. We recommend storing it in your refrigerator.

After opening the bottle we recommend that you use the oil within 1 year if stored at room temperature, and 2 years if stored in a refrigerator.

Plays outstandingly in summer time! Some ways of usage of hose oil in summer.


Horse oil is utility oil for supporting our skin gently. It goes without saying that it is active to preventing skin roughness by winter dryness, but also it has effects on summer time for combatting freckles from strong ultraviolet ray of sunshine and preventing trouble from bugs. This "Kaeru series horse oil" is “reliable exist” also in summer time for everyone both kids who loves sunshine, and men and women who want to combat freckles.

Does this product really come from a horse?

Yes, it does. But we only use oil from horses that are processed for food. Eating horse meat is not uncommon in Japan, and raw horse meat (basashi) is a famous dish you can find in many restaurants. Please rest assured that the horse is not killed for the purpose of extracting the oil.

The story of Mr. Tateuchi, the original developer of this product.

This is the story we heard when we visited the factory where our Kaeru Horse Oil is made.

Many, many years ago Tateuchi worked at slaughterhouse in rural Japan. And at the time he had a baby girl. He loved his little girl more than anything in the world, but there was one thing about her that tore his heart apart. Since birth she suffered from Atopic dermatitis, a chronic skin disease that made her develop painful and itchy rashes. She cried and cried from the pain every day and night, and Tateuchi felt her pain just as much as she did. He tried all kinds of medicine and products in order to relieve her pain, but nothing seemed to work. One day a friend of him told him that "Horse Oil" was good for itchy skin, but a small bottle of the oil cost as much as 1/4 of his monthly salary. Anyway, he was determined and willing to try everything to help his daughter, so he bought the Horse Oil and applied it to his daughter's skin before putting her to bed one night. She normally cried all night, and all morning, keeping everybody in the house awake, but Tateuchi woke up the following morning after having slept longer than he had in a long time. When he opened his eyes the daughter came smiling into the room carrying the small bottle of Horse Oil telling him to apply it again. It worked!

What was this thing!? He checked the ingredients on the bottle, but it contained nothing else than simply oil from a horse. What great luck! The slaughterhouse where he worked processed horse meat as well, and the fat from the horses was thrown away in large amounts every day. He brought some home the following day, cooked it, extracted the oil, and applied it to his daughter's itching wounds. But it didn't work as well as he thought, and the next mornig the daughter told him to rather apply the previous one. What was he doing wrong?

Meticulous research showed that the key was α-linolenic acid. The Horse Oil he bought had 15% of this, whereas what he made had only 7%. This acid is destroyed at high temperatures, so Tateuchi decided to try to extract oil again at a low temperature. With low temperatures he could not extract more than a third the amount he did before, but he managed to get the amount of α-linolenic acid up to 15%! This was it!

He made it again and again while perfecting the process, and always tried it out on his daughter to get the best results. After a while the news spread to the area and many people asked him to make Horse Oil for them too, which he gladly did.

The horses that gave the best oil where horses bred on open farms where they feed on natural grass. As there were few of these in Japan he searched the world for the best horses, and eventually he found them (exactly where is a business secret!). These yielded α-linolenic acid amounts of as much as 18%.

The Horse Oil has long been used not only for all kinds of skin diseases, but also to keep down inflammation, to heal wounds faster, for stiff shoulders, muscle pains, burns, as well as a skin care product to give you beautiful skin. All are effects attributed to α-linolenic acid. Horse oil is quickly absorbed deep into the skin, and is known to advance the circulation of blood and the metabolism, and is therefore effective for much more than just the surface of the skin.

Because of this, Horse Oil has come to be highly appreciated and recognized by both consumers and doctors.

Your shopping helps the people of Laos


This is a "Donation Product". When you buy 1 bottle 100 yen will be donated to the effort of clearing unexploded bomb shells in Laos.

For 9 years (1964-1973) the poor South-East Asian country of Laos was drawn into the Vietnam War, and a more than 500.000 bombing raids were conducted over the country. Laos was on average bombed every 8 minutes, and the total weight of these bombs surpassed 2.000.000 tons, more than 1 ton per capita. It goes without saying that Laos is the country in the world that has suffered the most from cluster bombing.

The damage from the war continues even today as unexploded ordinance from the war still litter the countryside. What often happens is that farmers come in contact with the bombs when they plow their fields, causing them to explode. Accidents like these are everyday events for the people of Laos, and more than half of the victims are small children who are not even aware of the dangers surrounding them. Accidents often happen when children play with the unexploded ordinance, or when people try to remove gunpowder and metal from the bombs to sell at the market.
The Lao Government, as well as private organizations are continuously putting effort into clearing the ordinance, but both funds and qualified personnel are far from plentiful, and it's estimated that it will take several hundred years before all the cluster bomb ordinance can been removed from the Lao soil.

The humanitarian organization MAG (Mines Advisory Group), who has conducted bomb disposal from early on, is currently in great need of more metal detectors. They wish to have one metal detector for each personnel member, but are currently forced to share one metal detector between several people. As one piece costs as much as 6.000$ (500.000-600.000 yen), it is not easy to provide all the detectors needed. If the personnel can become able to do removal by themselves, disposal speed will increase remarkably, and more and more land will yet again be safe for the people to live in.

We are being supported by Souken Japan, a company that took part in making this horse oil. And for every bottle you buy of our "horse oil", we will donate 100 yen to the effort of removing unexploded ordinance in Laos. The donations are distributed through the non-profit organization "Terra Renaissance", and given to various organizations in Laos. The donated money will be spent on new metal detectors, as well as on aid that might be deemed necessary in the future.


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