Variety of sweetener available as a substitute for sugar, such as yacon roots powder made of Tottori origin yacon rich in natural oligosaccharide, sweet sticky rice candy hand-made of domestically grown sticky rice by boiling for two days while removing the lye carefully, and brown rice candy with caramel syrup like bitter taste produced by glycosylating brown rice with malt.

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No. 00100568

Yacon Powder ~Natural~(50g)

1,296 YEN ≒ 9.03 USD

Low temperature dried Yacon powder suitable for...

*Out of stock

No. 00100620

Yacon Syrup ~Natural~(150g)

1,080 YEN ≒ 7.53 USD

Natural sweetener containing Fructo-oligosaccha...

*Out of stock

No. 00100212

Artisan Hato mugi-ame ~Pure Hato Mugi Syrup~

2,242 YEN ≒ 15.62 USD

"Hato mugi syrup" made of traditional skill of ...

*Out of stock

No. 00100326

Malt Nougat〜Green tea〜

315 YEN ≒ 2.19 USD

We are sorry that this item is out of stock, an...

*Out of stock

No. 00100325

Malt Nougat〜Ginger&Muscovado〜

315 YEN ≒ 2.19 USD

We are sorry that this item is out of stock, an...

*Out of stock

No. 00100324

Malt Nougat〜Pure Sweet〜

315 YEN ≒ 2.19 USD

We are sorry that this item is out of stock, an...

*Out of stock

No. 00100191

Mochi Kome-ame (Rice syrup)

600 YEN ≒ 4.18 USD

Mild sweetness from domestic sticky rice Us...

*Out of stock

No. 00100211

Artisan Kome-ame (Rice syrup) 500g

1,150 YEN ≒ 8.01 USD

Cook down in wood-fired pot. Easy-to-use value ...

*Out of stock

No. 00100210

Artisan Kome-ame (Rice syrup) 200g

518 YEN ≒ 3.61 USD

Cook down in wood-fired pot. One by one handmad...

*Out of stock

No. 00100216

Throat Smoother (Chinese Quince & Malt Mizuame) 160g

670 YEN ≒ 4.67 USD

Adding squeezed honey-pickled Chinese quince in...

*Out of stock
[1 - 10] of [20]
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