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Premashanteli series

The authentic Japanese traditional foods for future generation

brochure of Prema Shanti series
[PDF: 3MB]

This catalog is only written a part of Premashanti products. We have over 200 items about this series and planing to increase it over 300 items in 2014.
Please contact us to know the latest item list of Premashati series if you are interested in wholesale. Click here to see more items online >>.

Other wholesale items

Sarari Surari Tea 1 box (6g×6bags×5pcs)

Sarari Surari Tea

Sarari Surari Tea is the perfectly blended herbal tea to support your anti aging effort, minera...

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Kaeru Series Natural Mosquito Coil 30 coils

Kaeru Jirushi Natural Mosquito Coil

Kaeru Series Natural Mosquito Coils are made using 100% all-natural ingredients, with pyrethr...

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Kaeru Series Horse Oil 30ml

Kaeru Horse Oil

Horse Oil of the Kaeru series is a nutrient rich oil produced using only the fat found in th...

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Amateru-kimi Hair Care series

Amateru-kimi Hair Care series

You get a miraculously smooth and soft feeling as your cells of hair get hydrated. ...

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Hirara skincare

Hirara skincare

Hirara is for all the hardworking women in this stressful society. Be beautiful as you are...

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KAERU-Brand Herb Protect 120ml

KAERU-Brand Herb Protect

100% natural ingredients. A insect repellant spray with no chemical -Not only chemical-free bu...

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Kaeru Series Natural Insect Repellent Powder

Kaeru Series Natural Insect Repellent Powder

Kaeru Series Natural Insect Repellent Powder is made using 100% natural dried pyrethrum flowers ...

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