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Abrasions/synthetic surfactant free black baked eggplant made by using domestically grown sun-dried eggplant, can be substitute for toothbrushing paste. Also available health chip to promote blood circulation and provide relief from shoulder stiffness, and backache by pressing force effect and biocurrent effect, heat pad to keep warm for 20 minutes after placing it in microwave oven for one minute, 100% natural deodorant spray combining persimmon tannin extracted from persimmon juice.

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No. HF0021

Incoro drops

3,240 YEN ≒ 30.14 USD

Sugar-free candy with the extract of swallow's ...

*Out of stock

No. MU63426

LIMA NATURAL Dental White 60g

2,530 YEN ≒ 23.54 USD

Whitening, Fresh Breath, Good Oral Hygienewith ...

*Out of stock

No. 5245


12,000 YEN ≒ 111.63 USD

"Eyepathy", the pendants that heals your e...


No. 5246


18,333 YEN ≒ 170.55 USD

Keeping a good meridian balance via wave moti...


No. 00700457

Adio If

18,333 YEN ≒ 170.55 USD

Living creatures possess an innate ability to...


No. MB2687

CLINICEL (Scar/Burn treatment) Small Size 1p (7cm x 7cm)

12,000 YEN ≒ 111.63 USD

We are sorry that this item is discontinued.Tha...

*Out of stock

No. MU63447

BIO WHITE DENCY S (Refill) 20g

1,650 YEN ≒ 15.35 USD

No additives used, Powder toothbrush, Plant bas...

*Out of stock

No. MU63446

Bio White Dency S 20g

1,944 YEN ≒ 18.08 USD

No additives used, Powder toothbrush, Plant bas...

*Out of stock

No. MB2493

Aroma Hot Pad (Ginger) 345g x 1p

3,024 YEN ≒ 28.13 USD

Just warm up in a microwave, Nice and warm by b...

*Out of stock

No. MB6959

MASTIC Dental Gel α 45g

1,944 YEN ≒ 18.08 USD

100% plant ingredient -MASTIC is an indigeno...

*Out of stock
[1 - 10] of [11]
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(April 2020)

Itchnon -110 tablets

1. Itchnon -110 tablets

10,584 YEN


2. Bio-Normalizer

6,804 YEN


3. Result

18,333 YEN


4. Adio If

18,333 YEN


5. LIMA NATURAL Dental White 60g

2,530 YEN


6. Organic Barley Miso 345g

620 YEN


7. Umami seasoning

320 YEN

Wheat Noodles from Banshu Area, 250g

8. Wheat Noodles from Banshu Area, 250g

419 YEN


9. Cut Wakame Seaweed from Amakusa area, 40g

835 YEN

Shinshu Miso

10. Shinshu Miso

780 YEN

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