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Kaeru Series

The Kaeru Series are original products developed by Prema Inc.
They are all made with the thought of reducing our exposure to chemical substances in everyday life.


John the Frog, ambassador
of the Kaeru Series

The word “Kaeru” can mean many things in Japanese, depending on what character/symbol you use for the word.
First of all it means “frog”, and then you can probably guess why we chose “John the Frog” to be the ambassador of the Kaeru Series products!

A second meaning is “to return”.
We believe that modernization in some ways have gone too far. The knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation for is more valuable than we can even start to imagine. We need to learn from the traditions and ways of our forefathers and we have to return to the past to seek this wisdom.


John the Frog with Prema
CEO Nobuo Nakagawa

This modernization has also brought changes that have separated us from our original symbiosis with Mother Nature. In the past we found ingredients for food and medicine in the nature, but they are now synthetically made in factories. The fields that our food grow on are sprayed with chemicals and artificial fertilizers. This is not the way it was supposed to be. We need to return to nature, and rediscover the mutual bond that we once shared.

The third meaning is “to change”.
Every single day environmental destruction continues on Earth, and there’s no doubt that the human race is to blame. Consumerism is also spreading all over the world, and the waste it leaves behind will swallow our planet whole if we don’t change course soon.

We need to change our way of life、and together strive to build a sustainable society.

How the Kaeru Series started:

In 2004 we launched the Kaeru Series Mosquito Coils in an effort to help minimize the exposure people have to chemical substances in daily lives. In 2005 we started selling the Kaeru Series Natural Insect Repellent Powder, and in 2010 the Kaeru Series Horse Oil.

In recent years the Kaeru Series have been introduced and presented in various media, and the number of customers is growing day by day. The wish to avoid poison in one’s surroundings is getting stronger, and more and more people see through the advertising of general insect repellents or cosmetics, no matter how wonderful the product might seem in the commercial. They understand the dangers, and make a conscious choice to buy products safe for animals, humans, as well as the environment.

Return to the past, return to nature, change our way of life. We want to make sure that these ideas keep spreading out across Earth. This is the responsibility we have to our children, who are the future of this world.

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