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Macrohealth series is a super food and a functional food series. We made the ingredients into powder which are gone down in Japan so as to protect our health since ancient times.

The aim of Macrohealth
That is, to help you to get back yourself and to enable to do something that only you can do.

You are the one in this world. And you possess everything in this world within you.
For you to bring back the things above mentioned.
For you to recover your infinite energy, even though you are small, and then you can do something good to someone being next to you.
We would love to provide you something like those things…so we create this Macrohealth series here.

Seven confirmations with our customer

  1. Macrohealth series offers you pure and simple ingredients as they are.

    As the materials are simple, it is possible for you to use it in various ways being suitable for you with your own ideas and feeling.

  2. Macrohealth series guarantees safety of the ingredients.

    We provide you organic, natural farming or materials selected carefully equivalent to those standards.

  3. Macrohealth series does not lie.

    Ingredients are totally same as labelling. We are clear off disguise.

  4. Macrohealth series does not put improper pressure to bear on the producers or manufacturers.

    This is because materials have lives, and not to lose their energy of life.

  5. Macrohealth series realizes reasonable price.

    For you to continue to use them, price is very important element.

  6. Mactohealth series also takes into an old Japanese wisdom.

    Not to be influenced by flood of health information from overseas, but also we learn from ancient wisdom being embedded within Japan.

  7. Macrohealth series aims at simple package.

    The main of this product is materials, and the package is the supportive part to protect it.

Three characteristics of Macrohealth.

  1. The material as it is! This is the powder concentrated whole blessing of great nature.

    In Macrohelath series, as indicated the name of Macro (totality), we manufacture the ingredient as it is. It is not the supplement cut off a part of nutritional element in the kitchen ingredient, but this is “Whole food”, which is to take in whole nutrition of the ingredient. We are using the traditional cooking ingredients and the traditional technique that ancient people have being eating. This is a super food concentrated blessing of the great nature. We make it powder type so as for you to use easily in your daily meal.

  2. You don’t have to worry even though you are busy! You can make healthy recipe only to mix into dairy dish!

    It is hard work to prepare different meal everyday while considering nutritional balance. Even though you start to eat smoothies for your healthy diet, it is also troublesome to collect healthy ingredients every day. It is getting hard to continue when you are busy in your business or when you have small children. Like those of you, we recommend Macrohealth series. Macrohealth series is powder type and the ingredients are processed as they are without any additives. Only to mix it in your dairy diet, you can change your favourite dishes into healthy recipe quickly! We also recommend who is worried about the diet for a growing child.

  3. The way of use is free depending on your ideas!

    Macrohealth series does not choose the way of use. As it is made by simple ingredients, the way of use is depending on your ideas. Enjoy with your ideas such as using for cooking dishes, baking sweets, or mixing into dough of bread. You may find out unexpected good combination. It is also its good point for you to be able to choose your favourite powder among many of our products line-up. Furthermore, as each one has small amount, you can feel free to try to use it, or you can also enjoy advanced technique to combine some of these powders. Please make it support to yourself or to your beloved one with your ideas.

    It is hard to choose necessary things for yourself among many products. Macrohealth series suggests five energies so that you can take them into your dairy dishes easily, that spend every day life healthy and active, and that you can be who you are. Of course it is free to choose them. You can enjoy to use by choosing one favourite powder, or trying to use the various powders.

  • Flow –Energy to promote circulation-

    Water, is controlling the most of creations. Cloudy water causes stagnation, and it brings our world chaos. We focus attention on the flow of our modern life which is apt to get cloudy, and we collect gift from the nature which is considered to give better circulation traditionally.

  • Greens –Energy to fulfil our body and spirit by gift from land and ocean-

    Greens, is enriching our mother land. Greens possess the power to fulfil not only our body but also our spirit. We collect gift from the nature by being fused to modern techniques and ancient wisdom to make you feel “Greens” closer to you, which is apt to lack to the modern people.

  • Energy – Energy to live from ancient wisdom-

    The sun, is shining on the world. What makes all the energy is the sunlight shining on the world. For modern people spending busy every day life, we will cheer you up by traditional and succeeded food.

  • Anti Aging –Energy shining from within-

    Flowers, is colouring the world. The heart to feel beauty is the memory embedded very bottom of one’s heart. The beauty of flower which catches people’s heart, is coloured by life force shining from within you.

  • Fighter –Energy if you ever needed it in the moment of danger-

    Still now, it has been going on the studies of extracting or condensation from natural ingredients to make ingredient which is useful for our health.
    We support your needs which you would like to help others by extracting valuable components from the ingredients originally existing in the wild.

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Organic Green Tea (Matcha) Powder (40g)

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Organic Mulberry Leaf Powder (100g)

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Mulberry leaf is getting attention as food ingr...

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Macrobiotic.. This is a regimen that incorporates such concepts as Zen, Feng-Shui, Yin Yang and Tao. These concepts unify the essence of Japan's spirituality and outlook on the Universe..  The purpose of the Macrobiotic Asia website is to bring together products from Natures bounty as well as processed products and deliver them to the world in the Japanese spirit of harmony.
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