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Our products are based on Joichi Sakurazawa's
"Shindo Fuji" concept.
"Shindo Fuji" means using locally grown
domestic food sources.
The beauty of Japanese women is
a result of using those materials.

The materials for these cosmetics have been used since ancient times in
Japan. The method of producing these cosmetics also comes from ancient
times in Japan. We use domestically grown camellia oil without agricultural
chemicals. We also use loofah, safflower, and natural mineral water.

Camellia Oil Loofa Natural mineral water

Camellia Oil

Similar to your skin oil. Pure,
high quality and domesticallygrown without
agricultural chemicals.


Grown by specially
selected farmers every

Natural mineral water

High quality natural mineral water from ancient springs in Chichibu area.

We are seriously committed to caring for skin. Our high quality products remove minerals which are damaging and bad for your skin. We don't use artificial coloring or petroleum. Our plants are successfully protected from UV rays without the use of chemicals.

The History of Limanatural

The Basics of "LIMANATURAL Cosmetics" come from "LIMA Cosmetics"

Joichi Sakurazawa is the founder of Macrobiotics. Macrobiotics is based on the "Shindo-Fuji" philosophy, which means eating as much locally grown food as possible. He recommended that people use cosmetics that have been used since ancient times in Japan.

LIMA cream was first made in Showa 41 (1966). At that time, people were suffering from side effects of cosmetics, so he made the cream without petrolium. Instead he used camellia oil, which had been in use since ancient times. This was an entirely new concept, so he named it Lima, after his wife.

The modern age of natural cosmetics

After that, there were a lot of ups and downs. The LIMANATURAL series appeared in Heisei 7 (1993) and succeeded without harmful substances which were required to be labeled, but instead using natural ingredients.

We use the traditional medicine system Ayurveda. Our anti-aging cosmetics use only herbs, which is a brand new way in Japan. We are now providing age care, skin care, make-up, hair care and toothpowder in natural food stores all over the world, for people who like natural foods.

For Reference "Organic Movement": The Organic movement dates back to the teachings of "Youjo-kun" written by the confucianist Ekiken Kaibara in the Edo Period. In the Meiji Period , Dr.Ishizuka Sagen taught "I-shoku Dougen", which explained how the food we eat is like natural medicine to our body. Joichi Sakurazawa, Kenji Niki, and others were influenced by these teachings and popularized the movement to live with a respect for nature, which has continued until today.

"Shindo Fuji": Shindo fuji means eating food that is grown locally.

I recommend LIMANATURAL Cosmetics Lima Sakurazawa A message from her when LIMANATURAL took off, in 1986

I recommend that everyone be healthy and lively. In order to be healthy, people should carefully consider what they eat, and live in beauty, positivity, and cheer. That leads to being more healthy. In Showa 41 (1966), I was asked by macrobioticians to make a cream made of camellia oil. At that time, I named it Lima Cream. Now, a new era has come for LIMANATURAL. I'm proud that LIMANATURAL was created, and has created high quality products. I use them myself, and I am very satisfied with the results. I recommended the cosmetics That LIMANATURAL has created. I hope that everyone lives a good, healthy, and prosperous life. Bless you.

Lima Sakurazawa

Lima Sakurazawa was born in Yamanashi. She was the former chair of the Japan CI Association, and founder of macrobiotic cooking. She overcome a childhood illness through this macrobiotic food and cooking.She married Joichi Sakurazawa in 1936. She taught the philosophy of macrobiotics all over the world.

LIMANATURAL cosmetics has 40 different product types, and over 100 items in our lineup.

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No. 01000562

LIMA NATURAL Lipstick / Nude Color Salmon Berry B-113 20g

4,950 YEN ≒ 30.96 USD

Unscented, tar free pigments, petroleum mineral...


No. MU64261


3,300 YEN ≒ 20.64 USD

For those who want to boost volume "Tsubaki" o...


No. 00701039


2,090 YEN ≒ 13.07 USD

Cleanses hair and scalp. Gentle on scalp Us...


No. MU64138


5,940 YEN ≒ 37.15 USD

Natural loose powder with a transparent shiny f...


No. MU64137


4,180 YEN ≒ 26.14 USD

- Wash off mud pack using tourmaline. Wash...


No. MU63711

FOAM HANDSOAP refill 250mL

1,210 YEN ≒ 7.57 USD

Micro bubbles cover dirt on skin and remove ...


No. MU63710


1,540 YEN ≒ 9.63 USD

Micro bubbles cover dirt on skin and remove ...


No. 00702074

HARBAL BODY SOAP refill 400ml

2,310 YEN ≒ 14.45 USD

Good for people and planet. Cleans and moistur...


No. MU63708


2,640 YEN ≒ 16.51 USD

Good for people and planet. Cleans and moistur...


No. 00701041

MILD SHAMPOO refill 500mL

3,190 YEN ≒ 19.95 USD

- Cleanses hair and scalp. Gentle on scalp....

*Out of stock
[1 - 10] of [66]
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