Itchnon-gamma linolenic acid

What is gamma linolenic acid?

The main ingredients of Itchnon series are gamma-linolenic acid and vitamin E. γ -linolenic acid (gamma-linolenic acid) is one of the fatty acids (essential fatty acid), which is absolutely necessary for our human body. It is the substance that produced by metabolizing linoleic acid within body. However, there are increasing people who cannot change linoleic acid to γ -linolenic acid smoothly in their body. The reasons are lack of metabolism enzyme and depression of its action, lack of vitamin and trace element, or stress. At the same time γ -linolenic acid is important component substance for cell membrane, it has important action as a precursor of prostaglandin 1 series, to maintain the function of body system and cells in a normal way.

Effect and efficacy of γ – linolenic acid

γ -linolenic acidhas various functions. As a result of repeating investigation by maker, it is proven the improvement of “blood cells fluidity”. In other words, this makes red blood cells soft, and blood fluidity gets smooth as red blood cells become easier to get through blood vessel. This action is patented as “blood cells fluidity improvement agent” recently in Japan.

The details of proven effect of γ -linolenic acidis below.

  1. Prevention and improvement of hypertension, blockade of cardiovascular system, and arterial sclerosis.
  2. Prevention and improvement of complication from cerebral thrombosis, arterial sclerosis, and diabetes.
  3. Improvement of kidney function.
  4. Prevention and improvement of gastric ulcer.
  5. Improvement of premenstrual syndrome (cramps etc.).
  6. Improvement of constipation.
  7. Improvement of asthma and nasal inflammation.
  8. Prevention and improvement of arterial sclerosis.
  9. Improvement of atopic dermatitis.
  10. Prevention and improvement of osteoporosis.
  11. Prevention and improvement of chronic articular rheumatism.
  12. Improvement of skin condition (improvement of water holding ability and elastic of cell membrane).
  13. Controlling fatty liver, improving hangover, improvement of liver function.

We recommend γ -linoic acid for who ;

For who care about menopausal symptoms
  • Face is hot, but limbs feel cold.
  • Who do not stop sweating.
  • Who is always tired.
  • Who can not sleep.
  • Who has osteoporosis.
  • Who has hyperlipidemia. etc.

Menopausal is deeply related to endocrine system, immune system, and nerve system. These three are concerning about blood fluidity. Itchnon slows the body change, and it helps your physical preparation. Moreover, this makes blood cells soft. By improving blood fluidity, it helps to balance your bones and liver cells.

For who care about diabetes and blood circulation
  • Limbs become numb, cold, and have pain.
  • Your legs get hurt when you walk for long distance.
  • Who has pain with limbs even though you keep quiet in bed.
  • Causing gangrene with your limbs purple.

It is complications that very scary about diabetes. We recommend to be aware of written below for who has diabetes.

Dairy diet with nutrient balance  Moderate exercise   Breathing deeply  Taking γ - linolenic acid

For who has premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps
  • Frustration
  • Headache
  • Heart pain
  • Light sleeper
  • Swelling
  • Stomachache
  • Sleepiness
  • Skin problems
  • Constipation
  • Losing concentration etc.

These symptoms are caused by the change of women hormone balance. It is γ -linolenic acid that is related deeply to the hormone balance. It is reported in an academic conference of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology that women who have less γ - linolenic acid have worse symptoms of these. To manage menstruation, be aware of the points below.

To avoid too much sugar content, salt content, caffeine.  Taking moderate exercise such as stretch exercise before sleep.  Decreasing stress and trying to have relaxation  Taking γ - linolenic acid

How to take γ – linolenic acid?

Now, how should we do to take γ – linolenic acid? γ – linolenic acid, in this natural world, is included only in breast milk or in very few of plants (oenothera tetraptera).

Therefore, γ -linolenic acid oil is developed by using biotechnology. It has more γ -linolenic acid than general evening primrose oil, and less linoleic acid. (When there include much linoleic acid, fatty peroxide, inconvenient substance for our body, is easier to be produced.) You might feel difficult only to hear the words “by using biotechnology”, but in a simple term, you can consider that it is utilizing “fermentation method”, the same way to make sake. (The main ingredient of sake is rice, and γ -linolenic acid is glucose sugar.) We can extract from γ -linolenic acid from oenothera tetraptera, borage, and black currant etc., but there are differences in contained amount and ingredient component by region or species, the supplying is also unstable. In fact, we had an experience that the harvest of those plants failed in the past, and we had difficulties to supply our product. On the other hand, γ -linolenic acid with fermentation method by microorganisms, it is produced by natural ingredient (glucose sugar) and microorganisms exist in natural world, it is possible to have stable supply and also it is not affected by the influence of heat and oxidation. Best of all, the contained amount of γ -linolenic acid is more than others, it is utilized not only in health supplement and cosmetic products, but also in products in different areas.

Q & A about Itchnon

Q1 In which case will it reduce the effect of the enzyme needed to make γ – linolenic acid?
A1 It is said that the effect of the enzyme will reduce when; In case taking too much amount of saturated fatty acid, cholesterol, or linolenic acid; in case taking too much alcohol; in case having abnormal metabolic process for trace element such as zinc and magnesium, and vitamin 6 etc; in case being affected with adult disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperlipemia; Having immune-mediated illness including aging or atopic dermatitis.
Q2 How much calories does it have?
A2 Total calories are about three kilocalories per a tablet including gelatin.
*About 75 kilocalories per one boiled egg.
Q3 How much a day and when should I take?
A3 Normally, as a guide, it is six tablets a day for adults. It is recommended to take after meal. Absorption is better when you are hungry as the ingredient is oil-based.
Q4 For small children, how and how much amount is it recommended to take?
A4 Increase its amount by age appropriation such as; for infants, two tablets a day. For elementary school kids, three – four tablets a day. For small children who have trouble in taking capsule itself, melt gelatin in hot water and use only inside the capsule. There is no problem to do it unless you boil it. The inside is tasteless and odorless.
Q5 Is it safe to keep taking it?
A5 With the same feeling of common food, we would like you to take this forever to maintain your health. In that case, adjust the amount by increasing or decreasing by the half amount of your first time. Then, find your proper amount.
Q6 Is it OK to take with drug medicine?
A6 No problem.
Q7 I have loose bowels too much…
A7 There are differences between individuals. At the beginning of taking it, the action of bowel gets active, you may have some symptoms such as; having flatulence or becoming bowels loose. Stop taking it once and restart to take again when the situation becomes back again.
Q8 I have a sensation of tingling itching…
A8 There sometimes are people who get the feeling of itching temporary, but most of the cases it will return normal after a few days. Take a look at for a while as keep taking it.

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