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Organic Matured Coarse Tea

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Easy-to-make tea bag type, just pour hot water!
Carefully roasted organic mature coarse tea is packed into tea bags so it is really handy. You can easily enjoy the mild and sweet flavour and great aroma of this tea, just by pouring hot water over it. The stem and the leaves are mixed in excellent proportion. This product is suitable when you need a rest and to take a breath. At the pesticide and chemical free tea plantation, with a history of over 20 years, it is rumoured they spend as much time and effort on the tea leaves as they do rearing children! Much attention is paid to the maintenance of the soil, weeding in the summer, through to the harvest.
In order to fully extract the flavour of the tea, the cutting process of the stem and the leaves has been carefully considered. The tea is packed in tetra-pack, to enable the tea leaves to move around in the bag.
Generally, green tea or coarse tea uses the sprout, however, this matured coarse tea is left for three years before harvest, and then dried and ripened for a period of time. This special process enables the decomposition of the sharp component and brings out a mild flavour.

- Ingredient: Organic green tea
- Best-before date: One year from production
Standard of Prema Shanti® product
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