Prema Shanti Series

Prema Shanti is a name we created, which, in Sanskrit means "heaven-sent love and inner peace".
Thanks to the cooperation of people who are following traditional processes and farming techniques, we are able to offer you exceptional products. These reflect both the original quality of Japanese food and Japan itself as a beautiful country with four seasons.
Good for the spirit and the body, our food products create "heaven-sent love and inner peace".
Standard of Prema Shanti® product
[Standard of Prema Shanti product]-Made by natural ingredients
-Made by ingredients grown with respect for nature and people(natural farming, organic farming, naturaly grown, fertilizer free)
-Made by traditional processes
-Honestly made
-Unique products
-Products that show the philosophy of the producers
-Products that you are proud to share with your family and loved ones

Prema Shanti products are carefully measured for artificial radioactivity in three ways:
1. Independently measured by the producer,
2. Measured by a third-party institution assigned by of our company,
3. A combination of the above two methods.

In order to ensure the safety characteristics of each producer, it is important to assess their quality control. This includes a variety of factors, such as confirmation of the safety of specific growing environments and production plants; residue inspection systems or bacteria management, and measures to prevent contamination by foreign substances. We believe that artificial radioactivity measuring is a significant factor in quality control. Ultimately, selecting products that we are proud to give to children remains the most important quality control standard of our company.

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No. 00101977

Unconditioned Natural Adzuki Beans

886 YEN ≒ 5.62 USD

[limited quantity] Adzuki bean grown up by the ...


No. 00100725

Zen Rice(Grain Shirataki) 650g

1,560 YEN ≒ 9.90 USD

The Miracle Rice - Shirataki RiceIt is very low...


No. 00100724

Zen Rice(Grain Shirataki) 65g

195 YEN ≒ 1.24 USD

The Miracle Rice - Shirataki RiceIt is very low...


No. 00100408

Japnese Oolong Tea-Organic-70g

932 YEN ≒ 5.91 USD

Flower-like aroma and mellow tasting Oolong tea...


No. 00100082

Worcestershire sauce (200ml)

469 YEN ≒ 2.98 USD

Worcestershire sauce with the vivid taste of al...


No. 00100638

Sprouted Quinoa Miso (300g)

1,250 YEN ≒ 7.93 USD

Winter onlyQuinoa fermented with Koji. NO Wheat...


No. 00100637

Sprouted Quinoa Shoyu

745 YEN ≒ 4.73 USD

Quinoa fermented with Koji. NO Wheat or Soy bea...


No. 00100568

Yacon Powder ~Natural~(50g)

1,296 YEN ≒ 8.22 USD

Low temperature dried Yacon powder suitable for...

*Out of stock

No. 00100322

Dried Tofu Cubes-Freeze-dried-(100g)

540 YEN ≒ 3.43 USD

Super food for easy cookingKoya dried tofu is o...


No. 00100321

Dried Tofu powder 〜Freeze-dried〜(100g)

394 YEN ≒ 2.50 USD

Super food for easy cookingKoya dried tofu is o...

[11 - 20] of [183]
Macrobiotic.. This is a regimen that incorporates such concepts as Zen, Feng-Shui, Yin Yang and Tao. These concepts unify the essence of Japan's spirituality and outlook on the Universe..  The purpose of the Macrobiotic Asia website is to bring together products from Natures bounty as well as processed products and deliver them to the world in the Japanese spirit of harmony.
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