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Dried Koya Tofu ~Freeze-dried~

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No baking soda used. Dried Koya tofu made from coagulated bean's component.

Using domestic organic soy bean. Compressing tofu which is hardened with bittern tightly, and dried after draining hard. Succeeded a traditional way of production for now, it is not used leavening agent such as baking soda. This is filling Koya tofu. Cracking after soaking domestic soy bean in water, then processing tofu with soy milk which can get by squeezing the fresh soy bean. After that, it processes compressing, freezing, and drying. Finally it gets clear taste with soy bean sweetness and deliciousness. It is said that Koya tofu is originally from Koya-san area and this is indispensable ingredient for vegetarian dish. In Kansai area, this is called “Koya tofu”. It is thicker than “Shimi Tofu”or “Koori Tofu”, which means freeze dried tofu in Northern part from Koshinetsu area. This is very suitable for utilizing the thickness such as meat filling dishes or deep fry sandwiches by Koya tofu.

[Recommended way to eat]
Soak well into boiled water or cook well, as it is not used any softner such as baking soda. (Softner is normally used to soften the texture or shorten the time for cooking.)
In case it gets soft, sandwich it between both hands and squeeze well to get its water. Then cook with dashi soup. Be careful for burn injury as just after taking up from hot water.

*Melt 2-3g of baking soda against 500ml of hot water (around 60 degrees Celsius). You can get softer texture by soaking 5-6 pieces into the hot water.

Not only for rolled sushi, scattered sushi, and simmered dish, but also for like deep fry batter for pork, Chinese vegetable fry and ingredients for sukiyaki. Depending on your cooking ideas, you can use it for any kinds of dishes such as Japanese, Chinese, and Western dish.

-Ingredients:organic soy bean (non-GMO), tofu coagulant (bittern)
-Best for date:6 months after the production

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