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LIMA NATURAL Dental White 60g

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Whitening, Fresh Breath, Good Oral Hygiene
with Organic Sword Bean Extract

Natural toothpaste using natural BIO cleansing materials*1 made in the fermentation process of Nature, with pearl and coral powder*2 *3, organic sword bean extract*4. Contains natural mineral water from Chichibu and natural amino acid extract*5.

  • Pearl(Ehime)
  • Coral(Okinawa)
  • Organic Sword Bean(Hyogo)

*1 Made in the fermentation process with fast mixing of wheat bran, rice bran, natural minerals (Silica, iron oxide, alumina)
*2 Pearl Powder (abrasive)
*3 Coral Powder (abrasive)
*4 Humus Extract (base)
*5 Sword bean extract (moisturizer)


  • Whitens teeth
  • Cleans inside the mouth, and stops bad breath
  • Cavity prevention
  • Removes surface stains
  • Removes plaques, and prevents calculus deposition


Ingredients: water (base), calcium carbonate (abrasive), glycerin (humectant), sea salt (flavoring agent), silica (cleaning agent), polyglyceryl lauric acid -10 (cleaning agent), alginic acid Na (binding agent ), [nacre the end, the end of coral] (abrasive), Fulvic acid extract (base), [wheat bran, rice bran, iron oxide, alumina] (cleaning agent), zeolite (cleaning agent) [chamomile flower extract, clove extract, jack bean seed extract] (moisturizer), xylitol (flavoring agent), ricinoleic acid glyceryl (preservative), ethanol (base), [lemon peel oil, lemon grass oil, lime oil, mandarin orange peel oil, geranium oil, grapefruit peel oil, Mentha piperita oil, mint oil] (flavoring)

Like having brilliant jewels inside of your mouth. Dental care for adults. 3 types of care combined into one. whitening, prevebt gingivitis, fresh breath. Natural toothpaste for dental hygiene and aging care LIMANATURAL DENTAL WHITE 60g (once 0.3g, for about 200 times) 2300JPY+TAX

Prevents plaque, and gives teeth a smooth surface / For mouth and gum care, and preventing harmful bacteria

BIO cleaner*Natural Amino Acids Extract (Humus Extract)Organic Sword Bean Seed

We use natural materials out of respect for the environment.
Wheat bran, rice bran enzymes and helpful microbes naturally
ferment to produce BIO.

* BIO cleaner was developed in Environmental Engineering & Technology
Research Institute by Dr. Takashi Hirai.

Natural Amino Acid extract from the earth, from the Hakua period.
It kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.

*our company's research

This plant was the model for "Jack and the Beanstalk."
It's a lively and powerful plant. Creates a good environment
in the mouth to stop bad breath, using amino acids and poly phenol.

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