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EM-X Gold®(500ml)

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EM-X Gold® is a fermented drink which combines all the positive components of EM technology: On the one hand, EM Effective Microorganisms® give off valuable metabolic products during the fermentation of natural ingredients, on the other hand, the fine energetic resonances of all components are transfered to and stored in the drink during the elaborate manufacturing process. There are no more living microorganisms in EM-X Gold® due to further processing. The effectiveness of EM-X Gold® is therefore determined predominantly by the energetic qualities (resonances) of the ingredients, their interaction with the EM Effective Microorganisms® in the fermentation process as well as the metabolic products which are subsequently formed by it.


Raw Materials:Microbial culture extract (molasses, yeast extract), crude seawater magnesium chloride, coral calcium

Nutritional(per 100ml):
Energy 0kcal, protein 0.0g, fat 0.0g, carbohydrates 0.0g, sodium 20mg

How to use:
recommendations for consumption Prof. Higa recommends drinking 10 – 30 ml EM-X Gold®, heated to 80-90°C in tea, coffee, or water. Heating EM-X Gold® one time boosts its energy and significantly increases its redox potential. note Once opened, store bottles in refrigerator and consume within 8 weeks. In order to prevent contamination, you should never use the cap as a measuring cup. Unopened bottles have a shelf life of 1 year from the date of manufacture. note It is also makes good sense to use EM-X Gold® externally. Pharmacies sell small pocket atomizers which can be used for this. Many users have found it beneficial to spray, for example, their face while working at the computer, or to spray it directly into their mouth, or to apply it to burns.

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