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Household Antibacterial Wash “Surfcera” 100g X 3bags (with 150g of bottle & 1g measuring spoons)

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100% Natural sterilizing Antibacterial Wash
Get safety of food !

Surfcera is environmentally friendly natural anti-bacterial wash. No chemicals, chemical treatment or additives are used in this product.

Surfcera is made primarily from the extremely small alkali molecules found in sea shells.
As a result, Surfcera can penetrate vegetable skins to eliminate agricultural chemicals attached to the surface.
Surfcera also eliminates the fungus and bacteria which cause foods to spoil, inhibiting oxidation to keep them fresh.
-How to Use:
1.Dissolve Surfcera in water and soak food in the Surfcera solution for 5 to 10 minutes.
Suitable containers: stainless steel, glassware, ceramic, porcelain, polypropylene, polyethylene based products.
(Do not use aluminum, iron, or copperware.)
Purpose of UseImprovement of TextureLengthen Shelf LifeBacteria and Food Poisoning PreventionAppliance Cleaning
Concentration Standard0.05%0.10%0.15%0.20%
solution per 2L of water1g2g3g4g

2. The solution dissolves contaminants, and the resulting cloudy appearance is an indication of the contaminants removed.

3. After draining, keep the food in a plastic bag and refrigerated.
The Surfcera solution can be used multiple times, so washing in bulk is possible. Keep food fresh and eliminate waste by keeping food in plastic bags and refrigerated after using Surfcera.
It is recommended that food is placed in plastic bags without washing off the white powder (calcium particles) after draining, as this will diminish the preservative effect. It is recommended to wash off just before cooking.

-The Effects of Surfcera:
1. Preserving freshness longer.
2. Removing contaminants that weaken the immune system.
3. Revitalizing the original taste and flavor of food.
4. Environmentally Friendly
Surfcera can be disposed into drains after use, cleaning drainpipes and rivers, as it returns to the environment.

-The washing mechanism of Surfcera (exfoliation, decomposition action):
Surfcera eliminates agricultural chemicals and environmental endocrine disrupters like fthalide, and Escherichia coli O157 in the comfort of your own home.
The washing mechanism

-Example of use of Surfcera:
Once food that appears to be clean is soaked in the Surfcera, the contamination dissolves and causes the solution to become cloudy.
Grape tomato
To eliminate surface pollutants, increase sweetness and get better texture.
Tomato(before) Tomato(after)
For firm meat and richer taste.
Chicken(before) Chicken(after)
To eliminate the germs on eggshell surfaces and improve the elasticity of boiled eggs.
Egg(before) Egg(after)
Horse mackerel
To eliminate germs on fish scales and gills. For firm meat and improve elasticity.
Fish(before) Fish(after)

The greater the surface area of the food,
the more powerful Surfcera''s cleansing effect is.

Shredded violet cabbage


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