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Premium Henna, Indigo 80g Amateru-kimi herbal care

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Pure 100% premium indigo, for those people who want to have beautiful, shiny, healthy-looking black hair

Natural 100% pure indigo powder for covering gray areas. The only ingredient used is indigo leaf powder. Used on hair that has become brighter after henna applications, you will enjoy "black hair" that has both volume and luster.

*Since the indigo adheres to the henna and coats the hair darkly, it is recommended that you use this product only after applying a light brown or brown henna pack.
*Please dissolve in hot water immediately prior to use.
*Apply thickly to gray areas.
*For a deeper color, application time can be adjusted. Rinse out all the henna
within an hour of initial application. (Do NOT leave for more than one hour)
*Wash and rinse hair thoroughly.
*A feature of natural dyes is that hair color changes over one to two days following application, resulting in a darker hue thereafter (dependent on hair type and condition).

-Ingredients: Indigo leaf
-Content: 80g
-Application time:
For first-time users, we recommend a 15 - 20 minute application time. Suitable for those people who wish to soften their hair color if it appears too bright from henna use.
We recommend a 30 - 60 minute application time for those people who want a deeper hue.
Recommended amount: short hair 40g, long hair 80g (Adjust according to amount of gray hair)
-Recommended amount: short hair 40g, long hair 80g
-Storage method: After opening, seal well to prevent oxidation and store in a dry place.
What is Henna?
Henna is grown mainly in regions throughout India and is a dried leaf powder from the "Henna Tree" (Lawsonia Inermis) of the family Lythraceae. Henna has been used since antiquity as a natural, vegetable dye. It is said that in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra's beauty was enhanced by dyeing her nails and hair with henna. There are also records of henna being employed for numerous purposes in the Eastern practices of "Ayurveda".

Henna is superior as a natural hair treatment and contains no artificial colorings or preservatives. It is so soft on the hair that it can be used on a daily basis, beautifully hiding all traces of gray hair, while improving hair shine and body. It is perfect for hiding those gray areas or bringing life to damaged hair.

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